Yoga Reviews - Private Yoga Classes in Addison



Carolyn Feder,

I had been looking for a Yoga Instructor for a long time and finally met Yael VanGruber, a

 perfect fit for me. She is a wonderful yoga instructor, I look forward to our class and enjoy every

 minute of it, time flies and you'll feel wonderful during and after. 

Heather S.

I really like this studio. I've been to other studios but Clique Gallery - Boutique particular tops

my list. Yael is an excellent teacher and so talented – I just love her. 

Devorah Zaikon

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to come to our women's retreat, waiting patiently until we were ready, and teaching a wonderful yoga class in such an informative way!
 We appreciate it so much! Kol Hakavod! 


Thank you Yael - You have really helped me get on track and I'm  doing some of the exercises at home on a regular basis.

You did more than 3 orthopedic surgeons, a hematologist, a sports medicine chiropractor and a physical therapist to help my shoulders and neck!  You're awesome! 


Until about a year ago, I was never involved in yoga: I didn't know what it was really about. When 
I joined this class I found it very interesting, & soothing. Yael always comes to our class with a big smile on her face - ready to go. She is not only explains verbally what we are to do, she first demonstrates & then watches how we follow her directions.

She always says, "You are NOT to compare yourself to anyone else here, but only to yourself, to see how you can do better." She truly believes that every person should follow their own pace & not someone else's. Yael usually asks us what part of our bodies we want to concentrate on that day & usually has one or more books with her to find something new for us to do.

Every class has a variety of movements/exercises and always ends with some relaxation exercise. If anyone has an area of  her body that is painful (I have arthritis) and cannot do any particular exercise Yael will improvise and gives her another alternative pose that she can do. She always praises us, at least for trying if we are not there yet. She is very spiritual within herself & that helps her & us to relax and yet do the exercises correctly. The music she brings to every class is very soothing & relaxing to relive any stress we may have brought with us to the class. We always leave with a smile on our faces. Personally, I have found my posture has improved since I am more aware of how I stand, sit & walk. I would recommend Yael to anyone & everyone. She can give my phone number if someone wants to find out more.

Susan A. 

I attend Yael's yoga class at her location.  It is very relaxing and I feel more aware of my body and soul after class.  Classes are reasonably priced and she offers class on two different days and times which is very convenient for my busy lifestyle.  I would recommend Yael's yoga class to anyone young, old, expert, or new to yoga

Fes A

Clique Yoga class is really an awesome place to see. Yael teaches Yoga classes here and people loves it. It is open to anyone, welcoming, and very uplifting. I believe  that if I were to recommend anywhere in the Dallas/Addison area to start Yoga and get into it with a group who cares about health, Clique is the place  Also,  they have discount  offer  to everyone in the class! It's really a sweet yoga program!  WOW!!!! 

Ellen G 

The first time I ever went to a yoga class, I discovered one thing, I love yoga!
I am not a naturally relaxed person, but Yael's warm and supportive personality helped me to feel completely at ease to learn the various poses.
I have developed more strength and have considerably improved my balance and flexibility.

It was very interesting to find that I often develop that good sore feeling one or two days after the class, which one gets from building muscle.
Though, the classes itself are so fun and pain free. I am very grateful to have found this yoga class and  Such an excellent instructor, who has an amazing ability to bring out the Best in people.

Grace Levine

Yael is a great teacher! She really takes the time to explain and model all the 

Her studio is beautiful and brand new. If you're looking for a private sessions I can highly

 recommend Yael as the best Yoga teacher you'll ever meet.