Relationship Counselings Reviews


 Clique Gallery Counseling Services   are highly skilled and work well with a variety of populations  Yael VanGruber and her team are top notch, professional, personable and knowledgeable.

  Yael and her team are respected therapists who work with a variety of populations. Yael is a skilled couples therapist, who I highly recommend and I can confidently refer clients to her. 

   The team at Clique Gallery Counseling Services is great. They are highly skilled and work well with a variety of populations. I've met several of them at events, referred people their way and interacted with them on a professional level, and I highly recommend this practice. 

 Yael and her group are excellent. They helped our firm with grief counseling after one of our lawyers died. They have also worked well with some of our client's going through divorce and their teens. If you are looking for a place that you can self discover YOU, then look no further, The Clique Gallery Counseling Services is it!I have relaxed in this beautiful setting not only for myself, but with my kids as well. You leave each session with a feeling of peace, courage and insight.

Yael and her team are some of the best out there that you can trust and grow from.  I appreciate the hard work of Clique Gallery Counseling Services,  I had a quick and direct coach named Yael VanGruber and she was so wonderful and so right on her suggestions. I was amazed by the result . thanks a lot for saving those marriage including mine.
Thanks Yael. 

 The counseling I have received here at the Clique Gallery Counseling Services has been far and above any counseling I have ever gotten at other places!

 Yael VanGruber has wisdom beyond her years and her heart to help people is abundantly evident the moment you walk into her office! No matter the situation or circumstances the Clique Gallery Counseling Services can help you dig into your Story and guide you to The Peace that passes all understanding!! I highly recommend the Clique Gallery Counseling Services!!

    Yael is the utmost professional. She’s extremely talented at what she does and genuinely cares for the well-being of all her clients. 

 Yael is wonderful! She works with your budget and is very fun to talk to!She's very smart and understanding! Love this lady! 

   I was referred to Yael by a friend and it was a wonderful experience. She was very kind, attentive, and helpful to me while I was going through a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend her.

   I love Yael VanGruber She is really helping me focus and find my way. I'm also overcoming issues that I never thought that I would ever be able to overcome. Thank you Mam!!!! 

   Yael VanGruber is a woman that has so much wisdom and compassion. She is able to relate to individuals from all types of backgrounds, and encourage them to succeed through hard work and dedication. Yael has become one of the greatest role models in this era.    Yael helped me to understand things about myself that were way beyond the reasons I was there for. She is like a big Sister easy to talk to and made me comfortable enough to talk about whatever....!!!    I got depressed and passing for very hard life. Yael from Clique Gallery Counseling Services helped me and now I am happy and thanks to her I have got my life back. 

Yael was great! I love you So much  Mrs. VanGruber has the knowledge and experience to get you on the right path to acceptance, recovery, and a healthy state of mind.  

  Yael is a great counselor, I have made a lot of positive steps because of her. 

Yael is genuine and easy to talk to. It's like talking to a really smart friend with positive advice! I have seen a lot of therapist since I was a kid she is by far the BEST!