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"I was very skeptical about Matchmaking at first.  But after some time and series of failed online dates I was not willing to waste  my valuable time anymore to sit through bad dates! I have reached out to Yael, she was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.  She took her time to learn about me and my life.  She is a great listener and an amazing guide.  She seemed to know and understand my needs immediately. Yael has very extensive database that isn't a static environment - it's  constantly gets updated.  She works with very sophisticated, educated, ambitious and driven individuals.  I have not had
a bad date since I signed up for her services. She made me believe in connection, love, partnership and companionship again. By the time I found Yael I was hopelessly thinking that there is no one out there that could be a good match for me. She has changed my vision for life- she gave me confidence, put
a smile on my face and made me believe in love again! She is an incredible woman.  I would highly recommend her for anyone who values their time and energy"  - Sara L.

"Yael was my matchmaker to start until I sought her coaching help to repair my relationship with my former fiancé. Because she works with so many different types of men, women, and couples, she has unerring insight into how different personality traits or cultural expectations can create communication difficulties, and she can find simple ways to remove them. But perhaps her most important skill is this:
she can simply tell you that you are wrong in such a way that you will agree with her and not feel bad
about it. I am now engaged again to my fiancé, our relationship is much stronger than before, and our personal self-knowledge is also much greater. We can never repay our debt to Yael." - Sam V.



"If you are looking for someone who is not only at the top of the matchmaking profession, but who is
also a wonderful person, Yael is your woman. She has an unsurpassed level of positive energy, and also
an amazing ability to inspire and energize everyone who comes into contact with her. Nobody benefits more from that than her lucky clients- she inspires all of us to look our best, feel our best, to aim high in our expectations for love and to dream about finding the perfect match. Yael is great at boosting self-esteem, giving life advice and fashion advice. But the one thing that sets Yael apart from her competition
 is the attention and care she gives to her female clientele. Many matchmakers who target high-net
worth, successful men seem to treat the female as something to be "delivered" to the male client's expectations. I have been deeply and pleasantly surprised to find that Yael is just as invested in my needs as a female client, and my protection, safety and success in dating. It was my expectation that I would be advised to try and meet the expressed desires of the men she introduce me to, but instead she has advocated that I keep my own interests in mind, and to make sure that any male client she sets me up will meets my own desires, needs and criteria as well. My experiences as a grateful client of Yael's might even suggest that she is too good! at what she does. How is a woman supposed to choose what dates to
 go on when she is presented with so many appealing options? Ladies (and gentlemen)  listen to me: Yael is the one plus ultra of matchmakers in our area. Her attention to the smallest details is impeccable, she remembers everything and has a quick mind to go along with her amazing intuition, and if that
wasn't enough she is also wise beyond her years and possesses a stratospheric emotional IQ. If you are looking for love, Yael is the one you want helping you find it!" - Catherine A.


 “When I first came to Yael, I was tired of dating, discouraged and all together ready to give up on this endeavor. The overwhelming amount of first dates will get you there in no time! The first meeting I had with Yael was wonderful, we chatted about life and relationships as if two old friends were catching up on life. I felt extremely comfortable, relaxed and understood. She was not just asking me questions about
my dating life, Yael really wanted to get to know me on a deeper emotional level and now I understand how truly crucial that was. After the initial session, Yael started her magic matchmaking process and Vuala! We had multiple gentlemen who met my “dating criteria”, all of them were great sophisticated bachelors, truly wonderful men but I felt no spark….Then, one day Yael called me, I will never forget
how excited and enthusiastic she sounded on the phone, she said : ” I want you to meet this man, he
might be the one for you!!”  I do not know how to really describe my first date other than I did not
want it to ever end! When you meet someone special, you have that strong deep connection almost immediately and when it is right, things flow naturally from that point on. We both feel very lucky to
have found each other..It feels like a fairytale and a bit like a miracle!!! Yael, words can not express both
of our gratitude and appreciation for this introduction!!! Your matchmaking talent is the greatest gift
and a blessing for all the singles!!! Thank you!!!” Elizabeth G.