Clique Gallery - Reviews in Addison


 Ashley K.

My most recent experience epitomizes the level of care and dedication that Clique Gallery - Boutique  delivers. It is more than apparent that Yael has a passion for what she does and that comes through in her attentive and sincere customer service. 

Yael is the sweetest person who thinks about her customers a lot. Every time I go in she has great suggestions. Everything in her boutique is amazing considering it's all a reflection of her Fashionable self including her Great Jewelry selection. 

Cathlene A.

Best boutique ever! Thank you!

Batya Seguin

Everyone should check this out for your holiday gift giving. The art here is awesome and the jewelry too!


Louis Mogollan 

You are very talented.....and have great taste!!!!


Mark Rogers 

Great Gallery and Boutique...I highly recommend!
Joely loved the necklace. Once she started to open it she recognized your box and said she got excited because she was sure it would be something she liked since it was from your store.

Linda Bourgault

Thank you, Yael for a wonderful evening at Clique Gallery last night! You are so gracious and welcoming to everyone... your love shines through all you do.

Dotty Zamora

Wish my house could be decorated like this!! 

Esther H.

I have passed this place so many times on my way to Scardellos and I got the chance last week to stop in. The instant you go inside, your visual senses are scattered to look at everything. But the very first thing your senses tell you is that something smells of incense. It's not my favorite smell but when you have so much stuff to look at you kind of forget about it.
Yael, the owner, is super sweet and is ready to come talk to you and help you find anything you need. She has custom jewelry and paintings available for purchase that  many are done by her own hand! 
She is quite talented!
Not only is she a big art person, she is a big supporter of the arts here in the Dallas community.
 Her backroom is especially for those who want a mini exhibition. She allows students to showcase 
their art which is amazing! 
I wasn't able to buy anything but Yael let me know that she'll add me to the mailing list. She said that on my birthday that I will get a gift! Great little place to go into for inspiration!!! 

Courtney B.

Awesome place. Awesome art. Awesome jewelry.  Most definitely a fan

Cheryl A.

This store has great merchandise! Unique! Very cool store! I will be telling all my friends about it. Great prices, too!!

Kathy H.

This is a great boutique!  My daughter loves the clothes.  It is a place you can always run in and find the perfect gift.