Yael VanGruber

My name is Yael VanGruber and I am an artist and a jewelry designer for Clique Gallery-Boutique located in Dallas Texas. My artwork is about my spiritual beauty and the essence it embodies. My talent is a gift and a blessing from God. You will find a lot of grace, romance, happiness, and love through my art. I specialize in five different kinds of media: digital art, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and print making. I truly enjoy working with all of them, transforming my ideas into reality. Since art makes me think in a special creative way without telling me what to think, art also questions me and lets me arrive at my own pace to my own answers. I bring a lot of unconditional love and passion for my artwork without any regard to what I will receive. For me, it is not about what I will get from it, it is more about what I will give to you as my viewer. My artwork is meant to bring joy both to the maker and the viewer. It exposes the unseen and the unknown areas of our life in a way that it empowers us and brings us joy. Just like in art, when I use contrast to bring out the beauty of my painting so too, God uses contrast in our lives through challenges, trials, and pain to bring out our inner beauty for us to appreciate who we are.
The purpose of my art is to move you emotionally and to bring you to a higher dimension in touch with your inner soul.
With Pleasure,
Yael VanGruber
Artist/Jewelry Designer

Contemporary Art Video - By Artist Yael VanGruber